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  1. did ya drop it? (lol my phone went on the fritz, gave a white screan of death) (its better tho)
    its good that its not compleatly destroyed tho ^^
  2. Mine was good other then my phones screen is cracked........ I can still get calls and call ppl thou.
  3. it was enjoyable ^_^ how was yours? ..................
  4. I know I can't wait till 2:35 that's when my bell rings and school will be over! and the weekend will start! lol. Well I hope you enjoy your weekend! ttys!
  5. ^_^ it is ;P
    I can't wait till this day ends lol ._.
  6. Oh okay sounds like fun! omg! I can't wait for my bf to come and pic me up today~!~
  7. everything but nothing O.o ya.... na, just reg. stuff ^^
  8. Oh yeah! What are you doing this weekend???????????
  9. XD that sounds like alot of fun ^_^ (I'm doing my regular things (at least least I think (lol))) can't wait till the weekend
  10. Yeah! So what chu doing this weekend? I can't wait till Friday Roger an dI are going to hangout. Then on Saturday is when him and I have been together for 2 months! Also, he gets to stay with me all night on Saturday! Then Sunday him and I are going to hangout!
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