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  1. sounds like fun ^_^ .........................................
  2. Yeah, but mine can wash out this weekend I am going to get my hair down blond ^_^ it looks cute that way. O.O wow really AWESOME!!
  3. XD that sounds so funny, alot of people in my school have wacky hair (freind of mine had blond hair then the next day he died it jet black (lol))
  4. Oh cool sounds like lots of fun my friends and I high lighted our hair with high lighters haha lol it looks cute!
  5. My family is meeting at my parents house this year, so it should be fun ta see tem all ^_^
  6. Vet's day was fun I hangout with my bf and his grandparents and his grandpa use to be a vet. we all went out to eat and he got his meals for free lol. So my weekend was good I got to hangout with Roger so it was fun. Anything planed for this weekend and thanksgiving?
  7. it was a good weekend ^_^ everything from vet's day well... nuthing much besides tat but it was good ^_^ how was yours?
  8. XD wow yeah lol That would be funny but also wouldn't if someone got hurt lol. Well I hope you have a very AWESOME weekend! ^_^
  9. so the kids of my block have a icerink, it is funny to see a littlke kid slip and slide halfways across the ice lol
  10. Lmao why would you flood your yard for? But that would be so funny.
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