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  1. yup yup ^_^ still debating if i should flood my back yard this year lol
  2. Lol yeah the gods make it show so us ppl can frezze haha.

    Omg I love that when a tree is compleitly frozen it looks so awesome and neat! lol
  3. m(._.)m snow gods make it snow m(._.)m

    yup ^_^ expesually when a big/ old tree is frozen over with all the iceicles =3
  4. I love camping but yes I hate the cold also lol but yes I love the white snow it's a pretty site. yep!
  5. I like camping, but I don't like the cold... but I like snow... >.< ya...

    that sounds nice =D
  6. Lol you was forced to go camping? So I take it you don't like camping then huh? O.O your toes was purple lol. My weekend was awesome and fun! I hangout with my bf.
  7. that sounds awsome =D (just got back from camping with my dad (forced) on the ride some took of my socks and my toes were purple (lol)) how was your weekend? ^_^
  8. This weekend I am going to be hanging out with Roger and might stay with him at his grandmas and grandpas if they say its okay so I can't wait!!! Also, he got me 2 gifts but wont tell me what they are he said he will give them to me when he sees me today lol. He is going to call me when he gets off work at 3:30 then call me and let me know if I can stay but all this weekend I am going to hangout with him! So I can't wait! I hope you have a fun weekend!
  9. I have no idea ._. you? ..............................................
  10. I know I would never go if I could chose to go or not lol. So what you doing this weekend?
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