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  1. well, everone is speard out so by runnin into you I though it would be easier... and do not worry no staby staby XD in other words "Gek." will not stab your person...
  2. alright Bas, in Mechwarrior, who you after me? or somebody else???
  3. >.< I have no idea... but if he has he would most likely pm'd u back...
  4. I pm'd the Chief, he should have already approved it by now, do you know if he is online or not???
  5. lol, K, did you create a c. thread already? if so great if not the not as great XD
  6. Mars City of course, once I get it up and running lol, yeah we all got a lot to do. right now I think I have to cool off some kids head for stealing his so-called character, which by the way, I never heard of.
  7. sure the only question is in what XD so myuch to do...
  8. LOL, yeah its hard to explain something that you created. well anyways how would you like to be my right-hand man??? If I'm gone, I need somebody to watch over for me and keep it alive. know what I mean?
  9. ye it sounds fun to play ^^ there is alot of blogs here now lol
  10. LMAO, thats a really good man,

    On Mars City, you asked me if there is gonna be some creature we have to fight or something? well I'm coming up with an idea about that. but first we need enough members to join.
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