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  1. Not really but I have a forum site that I just created and was wondering if you wanted to check it out and maybe even join. I made a manga and anime section just in case people are interested.
  2. Never got into parkour, it looks pretty intense though. Do you keep up with mma.
  3. That's the way things are I guess, this gives me more time to train though. Hey are you into parkour?
  4. that sucks. We let seventeen year olds go to basic underwater deomolition school to become navy seals but will not let them participate in Ninja challenge. Dumb
  5. I did hear that, but I'm not trying out this time around, I found out to soon, bummer. Besides I found out you have to be 18 to try, I'm 17.
  6. Not much going on here. Did you here they are having a casting call for an american ninja warrior challenge.
  7. Hey, thanks for the request, what's up ?
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