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  1. The only thing I have ever felt you did to hurt the POTM section was stop competing. Talk is talk, opinions are opinions. Not participating removes the chance for others to have someone to compete with, to grow against, to strive to challenge.
  2. At the same the same time it would be a shame, people like me can't enter because I choose the themes and don't want the drama of hearing "you cheated to win" or "had extra time".

    I respect my work to much for that.
  3. I don't care, what I do care about would be you saying you were going to stop writing poetry altogether. To me the creation of art for yourself is more important than recognition or accolades of others.
  4. The key is getting interest in the section in general, if your friends or who ever are into poetry then they will do what is right and vote for the best entry. If they aren't into poetry then they will just stop by to help you win. So promotion of the poetry not the contest is key. Plus you never know, you might be the person that gets the next Shakespeare or Edgar Allan Poe into poetry if you push the material.
  5. no, anyone that read my post "reasonably" would have known what I meant by shafted was the few number of actual people who read the poems and vote for the best one, people who enter for their work and their friends vote for them because they are their friend or they create multiple accounts hurt legitimate contestants. If you are legitimate my comments would be agreeable to you no?

    Also, 3 votes does not equal saying 3 book sells equal a bestseller.

    Focusing on the main poetry area is no different then posting for the contest, just because there is sub-forum doesn't remove the fact you are posting poetry. Also I think collabs are a good idea...think I will use that as the next theme.
  6. I didn't read anything that questioned your legitimacy, only you blabbing on about greatness that isn't there.
  7. Geeeez, no one cares Sazzy lost except you, that is the whole point. For some reason if some one other than you or starfire wins then the mods cheated and manipulated the poll, but if you win then the mods have been vanquished and they all sit around pouting over their fallen comrade. Here is a clue, no one cares that much especially the staff since 1 out of 15 of them even voted.
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