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  1. you are welcome ^^ , but that is the truth XD , i really like what you wright it just make me want to read it more and more ^^ ... =^_^=
  2. Thank you, that is the best compliment I have ever got here.
  3. ^_^ thank you very much .... you are a very good Writer do you know that you really put your heart in what you write ... =^_^=
  4. Also check out the Poem Of The Month forum. I wrote a piece similiar before I read your story on the debate forum. It is about a Freedom fighter and a soldier both dying from the same attack. Called freedom fighter and soldier.
  5. That may not be true. Many may be inspried by you they just might not admit it.
  6. hi XD this is the first time that some one is inspired by me ^_^ XD i go and see it now ^^ .. =^_^=
  7. Strife under heaven was inspired by you. You can read it in the poem section.
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