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  1. OK grate! I should have it to you today or tomorrow
  2. Correct. 7-7. Just two lined than I post it up on the journal area and see if I can motivate some more folks, and hell maybe even get multiple chapters going.
  3. hmm I could do something about insanity, because I am crazy!! hahaha lol jk I will think about it. And ya it is getting their. Just to be clear, I am doing a 7-7 count which means that both lines have to have 7 syllable right?
  4. The topic is sanity. You have until the last day of the month which is the 30th or 31st to enter. Hope the waki portion is coming along well.
  5. I do not know maybe. What is the topic? I am working on the Renga, I have a few ideas but I have to see is the count will work.
  6. How are you??? You going to enter the poem of the month contest.
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