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  1. I've replied to your PM about it. Talk to you tomorrow though! =]
  2. I must say goodnight as well, let me know if you wnt to read that poem?
  3. Lol no we don't have any weird shops like that here. I read in a newspaper about the Japanese cat cafe, I think that's what they're called. Not many Japanese people can have pets, so they visit these shops to play with cats, and they can buy food to feed the cats as well. It's a nice niche market that would only work for the Japanese lol.

    Hey I have to go now. Take care! =]
  4. Also the history channel is free up in the shop, it I wanted it in my trailer I would have to pay for it.
  5. I must say i have not been to anyplaces like that. Does australia have any wierd shops.
  6. I've never seen snow before and don't particularly want to lol. I hate the cold.

    I heard that there are shops in Japan where you pay to play with cats. Have you been to one of those before?
  7. It can be very cold in the winter. But unless you are in Hokkaido, there will not be that much snow. In kyushu I only saw maybe a foot or two one winter. What else?
  8. I was wondering about the weather actually. How cold does it get in winter over there? It's never that cold here in Sydney even though it's winter right now, so I'm not really used to cold weather at all.
  9. Thank you. Are there any sites in japan that you have questions about????????????
  10. Uhmmm I guess we do have a desert lol. We call it outback Australia, which is basically the centre of the Australian continent. Our continent's very dry and arid. People do live there though, there's a city called Alice Springs in the middle of Australia, though mostly it's inhabited by Indigenous Aboriginal Australians.

    I've never actually been to the outback; I was born in the city and everything. The majority of Australians live in the cities (Sydney being the most densely populated). If you want to visit the outback though, make sure you pay a visit to Uluru. It's quite a popular tourist attraction. I've never seen it before but I'd like to one day. =]
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