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  1. well i posted it u shld read it pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. The fan fiction area. Here is the link Fanfics - Anime Online
  3. hey i wana post a novel preview but i dont know where to post it.
  4. I checked out your other sanity poem. A touching tribute to one you love.
  5. yo bot check out my 2nd entry in potm. ull love it
  6. That was hilarious. What was even better is I initially posted that poem as "dissenters" then reposted it with the first letters highlighted. I think they still don't know it is on there twice.
  7. i guess so n i mean that poem u wrote abt the moderators haha
  8. You are so kick ass. You own, keep putting your souls to paper.
  9. i wrote it as soon as i saw the theme and after i had posted my inquiry in the theme thread
  10. I am a little confused, did you mean you wrote that in just five minutes today?
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