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  1. Basically all the symbolic stuff. I love analysis like that, especially when it's so in depth. If you like that, you'll love the series, it's even better.
  2. I did think of that as well, and in general the use of the flowers blooming as a metaphor for female sexual development. The sword coming out of her chest is when she kisses Anthy is great symbol for loving someone with all your heart. What else did you like about it?
  3. Good choice, the movie is very visually striking. A good thing to remember is that the influence of colors really do obviously display personality traits. For instance, she is represented with pink. A mixture of Red(Passion) and White(Purity). =)
  4. I watched the movie Utena Revolutionary girls and definitily want to seet he series. There is something so great about her character. How she has a genuine love for Anthy and her desire to be alover rather than a ruler. And the character design is awesome. Being that you are an artist I can see why you like that character.
  5. They're right, he's a great writer, and speaking of which film wise him and Anthony Burgess do immediately relate in my mind to Terry Gilliam and Stanley Kubrick who are awesome.
  6. Sonny Barger once said that Hunter S. Thompson was a hell of a writer and willing to get his ass beat to get a story.
  7. Yep I also rather enjoyed Earthly Powers as well. He's right up there along with Hunter S. Thompson.
  8. So have you read a clock work orange as well. You said you like Anthony Burgess?
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