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  1. Which ever I am sure you will look beautiful in it and it will bring a smile to teh face of the many dismayed>
  2. Today is my day off! lol So thats why, I'm about ready to go shopping for something to wear to a funeral, I was think of getting something black and yellow or maybe black and red.
  3. online in the light of day, to what do I owe the pleasure.
  4. Just everytime I read something you write like a poem, post, etc, seems like you are always talking about a different girl in each of them. So that is the impression I got from that.
  5. I wonder what makes you say that, honestly?????????????????????????????????
  6. Sounds like a great thing, as long as you love her too, if not than that could be awkward. You really don't strike me as the kind of fellow, who stays with someone very long.
  7. I go back to days on the beginning of the month. Not anything new going on still having some problems with my job and them claiming I am a desserter. Pretty dumb stuff. a girl back home said she loves me and I can't wait to see her again.
  8. Will you be going back to days anytime soon? Or just are you just planning for if it happens? Post count doesn't really matter that much anyways, I speak from experience. lol Anything interesting an new going on?
  9. Yeah work is slow but tomorrow will be worse. Yeah I got my post count up. I am trying to get up to an average of 2 posts a day. Once I have that average it will be easy to keep but it is hard to get since I ma making up for lost time. And nights is the best time for this when I am on days I will not have the chance to post as much.
  10. I see you have been busy posting up a storm lately! I guess work is going slow? Yay, to you becoming an Elite Member.
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