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  1. oh yeah.... sorry about that i have to stop asking people that constantly
  2. 1-its good its good
    2- u asked me that alredy
  3. Hey haven't spoken in a while, how've ya been???? also do you have msn or skype?
  4. nope i dont got 1....should i get 1?
  5. do you have skype or msn because if you do then please tell me and i'll add you ^_^
  6. hehe umm its good lots of tests tho im starting 2 get tired of school
  7. hehe, sorry i just didn't go on for a while i'm not sure why.... any way how's it going????
  8. wow hehe ur back^^im good^^how r u were did u go??
  9. Hi haven't spoken to you in a while, the again I haven't been on anime online for ages.... so how have ya been? ^_^
  10. yah me too seattle has glommy weather .
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