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  1. wel i like going shopping with friend after that go on computer watch some anime then listen to music and then here that what i do most of the time
  2. ok... well I really love gaming and i'm in a secre abridged series with knuckles235,and I guess thats all there is too me so how about yourself?
  3. so say something about ur self
    like what di like doing best apart from watching anime
  4. hmmmmmm.... i guess all the anime's I like are my faveourite i just can't choose faveourites for anything ^_^
  5. i like naruto a lot as well thats my fav
    so what do u do really
  6. i watch all kinds of anime but kaze no stigma and naruto are my top ones
  7. thats just awsome
    well i dont draw that much but i do
    ita not that bad
    well me friends are really good
    so what kind of anime do u see
  8. yes i have and did you see my kazuma picture in the fan art gallery i'm very proud of my drawings
  9. i am good thank u
    sp u draw right did you ever show it someone
  10. hey well thanks about the comment about the avatar and i'm good i don't do much i just make a banner from time to time and draw fan art so.... how are you ???

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