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  1. How have you been? I've recently started looking at people's profiles...most of us are around the same kinda cool. But anyways i'll talk to you soon!
  2. omgosh! hey we haven't talked in forrreeevvvver lol I'm doing good, just busy with college life and things :3 How about you?
  3. Hope you get this! im doing well, and I hope you are too!
  4. hey hey long time no talk lol how have you been :P
  5. hey whats up?
  6. no but i cant go on as much
  7. oh man that really sucks -.- how long will it be gone for???
  8. my computer gone so not so good...yeah... ....
  9. hey whats up?=] i missed talking to you lol^^ so how have you been? =]
  10. hey how are you?=] i havent talked to you in awhile lol so how have you been?
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