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  1. yoooooooooooo so why arrrrrrre youuuuu tried??????????
  2. im doing alright im getting sick of ao >.< lol is that bad? yea im trying to focus on graduating too next year. im so tired
  3. hey sorry but it is my lunch time and i went to see what thereis to eat but its nasty so yea. im just getting all my work done so i can be done with school and graduate. other then that i just chill and go to this site and some others so hows school going for you?
  4. nothing much just hanging out in class lol you?????????????????????????????? lol
  5. yo homie hows it going? what have you been up to? so how is your day going?
  6. I go to this site called and to youtube, and some gundam site as well as some bleach but im teird to write cuz i didnt get much sleep and i had to come to school..............
    well i think im teacher is talking to me i think she wants me to go some where or go and get something but i dont want to take off my head phones and listen i just want to sleep o no she is coming o no she is right next to me o hell .........................
  7. oh ok cool lol so what other sites do you go on?
  8. hey thanx and im in my art class just being bored and checking out all the sites i go to.
  9. uh sure ill be your friend lol so how are you doing?=]
  10. yo black rose i just wanted to know if you would liek to eb my friend but if not then thats cool well laters
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