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  1. yea im going ^^ but i dont know what i want to be lol. i either want to be a wildlife vet and/or a software engineer =] yea im soo ready to get out of my house. i just need to be on my own for awhile you know? just take care of me.
  2. sweet thats awesome.... its finally here the last few days of school are here yay..... and sorry here to on the late reply ive been busy.... so how have you been? you ready rose-san to graduate and be done with high school.... i have to ask are you going to college i dont member asking you? ive asked a lot of ppl these i guess im just weird since i didnt go... well hope things are going good with you... take care rose-san and sorry about the rose-san this game im playing has me calling a lot of ppl that... well gtg laterz...
  3. hey =] sry for the late reply lol ^^
    i graudate in 3 1/2 weeks =] and im SUPER excited and..been trying to pull up my physics grade. i turned in my late work yesturday and i have to redo an assignment ^^ but yea parents i just hope i dont start acting like that too mmuch if/when i have children
  4. man makes you wonder why parents are like that... they were teenagers at one time how could they forget about all that... man its such a drag well im home finally ive been caught into a game called Persona and thats why i havent been on lately... sorry for the late reply well hope things are going good with you rose.... well take care rose have a great day tomorrow....
  5. yea thats how my mother is lol >< i just tune her out lol but hang in there =]
  6. there you go... ^^ thats the spirt...glad to hear ur thinking straight... so hows school going for you? anything new with you? any ways guess what ive been at my third older brothers house for a week now and his wife is driving me insane... all she does is nag nag nag about everything and anything its so annoying.... well i think she might be easy dropping on me so im gonna let you go welll hope you have fun at school take care rose... laterz...
  7. thank you for the advice ^^ yea different ppl have been telling me to relax and take one step at a time. and school is almost over the last thing i need is to be in a bad mood. =]
  8. man that sounds like a lot pressure and sorry for the late reply... and i kno what you mean when you just dont want to hear the things your family has to tell you... its bad enough you are stressing urself and then to have others come and add to it.... hope you aren't stressing as much anymore and if you are sorry to hear it... you know what you should do is take a walk with a friend or if you have a bf then that works too but go out and get away from everything and take everything off ur mind and relax... man ive been preaching since i got up this morning sorry about that... well anyways take care rose and have a awesome day k laterz...
  9. yea lol ^^
    im kinda stressing out for the moment because i got accepted into my top choices for college and i really dont know which one i want to start off at. "/ one is kinda close to my house but i love the campus and its reasonable the other has been my number 1 choice since junior year and its like expensive "/ ugh and my mom is trippin out about it and i really dont want to hear hear her mouth right now >.<
  10. koo koo... i was the same way and look at me now i kinda miss it... wait what am i saying i dont ..... welll its good to hear from you rose.... hope things are going smooth..... as for me im bored out of my mind oh yea happy belated easter hope you had fun... well i gtg run take care and have fun laterz....
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