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  1. ooh thats really good =] im glad for you. im doing good so far just cant wait til graduation
  2. Yooooo Rose.... ^^ long time no see.... glad to hear from you and yea it has been a while... so what have you been up to by the way? me nothing really just practicing kendo.... its really fun i love it... rite now im just waiting from my primo to show so we can go practice.... hope things are good with you? i think he just got here so im gonna let you go k take care k laterz Rose....
  3. hey how have you been doing? lol ^^ havent talked in awhile lol
  4. well the choice is your rose if you want to know or not i dont mind telling you but im not sure if you wantd to know so like i said the choice is yours... well glad to see your doing alrite hope things are going well for you... take care rose n be safe n ill see you around k byez
  5. oh ok lol ill have to find you some time ^^ and as far as the mistake goes i guess we're going to have to talk about over pm =] if thats alright with you.
  6. lol i am on that site too my usernames traceknight but im done with that i hurt my ex so bad that i dont deserve to be there anymore so im not going to be there till i repent for my sins but im glad u joind that site its every cool i think i have a lot of good friends there too just be careful with most guys there they are only there for one reason n u should now what that is well i hope u are having a blast there i did till i fu**ed up my mistake but ill live with it well rose do take care n be safe ok
  7. yea thanks it is my last year ^^ i graduate june 4 2010 =] lol im soo freakin glad! but yea i havent been on here as much lol it gets kinda boring lol but im on this other site ^^ its so much fun its an actual 3D chat site you get to make your character and everything and thats where i am most of the time, if your ever on look me up ^^ alaynamei is my user name
  8. thats good glad to hear u had a good holiday n seeing ur prima n her baby thats kool. na i havent been up to much just been doing the same old thing for the past three months now n thats nothing just be bored n hope for a better day but other then that just here on hte net chatting wiht friend so im srry if i havent been on ao for a while i hope ur doing well n haveing a blast for this new year (cuz aint this ur year to graduate) if so congrats on making it this far u can make it all the way rose.. well take care rose n be safe k ill try n be on ao more often too well laterz n ill see u around byebyez
  9. lol, ive been good^^ and my holidays were ok, i got a chance to see my cousin and her baby ,
    what about you ? what have you been up to? lol
  10. hey hey hey guess what...really guess.....hehe ........Merry Christmas..... hope ur having a good one
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