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  1. yea it has im glad to see ur ok... well im good just bored as hell n getting ready to go to bed for work tomorrow n u what have u been up too? well hit me up anytime rose take care n be safe k peace
  2. ^_^ hey how have you been doing? lol its been sooo long lol
  3. well lady rose thats awesome its cool you got that far for your first time srry you didnt win. well i hope the best for you this next time ill be rooting for you . well im glad your cold is starting to go away. so how have you been since the last time we talked. srry i havent been on late i was on another site well mylady rose take care and be safe o and srry for the mylady thing im just use to role play now cuz if that site well see you around mylady rose take care bye ^_^
  4. ^^ i enterend in the speech category with is poetry and prose. And i competed in poetry advanced to the semi finals =] but didnt advance on to finals =[ but its ok i had a real nice time and it was my very first competition^^ and the next one coming up is December 5 =] and my cold is getting better but im about to leave in a few minutes so ill ttyl ^^
  5. thats awesome rose sounds cool so what are the topics for this debate and your speech is about what? if i might ask. well im glad to hear your doing well. sucks to hear your tired im the same way ive been staying up everyday till 2 or 3 and thne i get up by 7 or 8 and yea that is really killing me but i cant sleep like i use to owell can complain about that well sis ill see you around take care and have a lot of fun on saturday seeya bye
  6. im doing great but im really tired lol and i cant wait for the weekend =] i have a speech and debate competition on saturday and im super excited =]^^
  7. hey rose thats a major drag for being sick i hope the best for you and you get well aswell well sis i got to go but ill see you around. o and im doing good thanks for asking. and you rose how are you doing? well see you later gtg take care and be safe k bye
  8. oh that really sucks =d
    life is doing alright but ive had this cold for i think atlest a week and half and it wont go away >.< lol
    so what have you been up to? i havent talked to you in a few days
  9. im ok just bummed out cuz a girl really like well shes with another guy but other then that well yea. so how have you been? hows life treating you? well hit me up when ever laterz
  10. hey how have you been lol what you been up to ?
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