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  1. hey rose happy holloween hope you have fun today well see ya around sis bye
  2. well it sound good cuz you gegt benefits,good pay,a bonus for sighning up,and you can travel. those are some of my reasons why i think its a good choice. so how have you been sis? whos life treating you? well see you around o and have a good day sis laterz
  3. so you really wanna be in the army? =] thats cool =]:P
  4. a jar head thats cool i was thinking that too but after talking to a recrutor once he made me change my mind but the army sounds nice thou. well sis i have to go i need to do some chores see you around laterz
  5. the national guard because it seems less intense as someo f the other branches of military and i just mainly wanna go into military for the leadership experience =] but i was also thinking of the marines ^^
  6. well thats to bad about your teacher sis but its cool to see that, that didnt put you down. so you wanna be a weekend warrior thats cool but can i ask why the national guard. o and sorry it took me so long to get back to you but some stupid things happened and i had to go and fix the problems but they are finally resolved well sis talk t o you later peace and have a nice day.
  7. yea im doing good ^^ and no my teacher didnt give a good grade on the paper
    -.- but its whatever lol
    im thinking about going into the military too ^^ i wanna join the National Guard =]
    but yea ive been really busy and im really tired and i have a science project that i need to hurry up and finish and history project lol =]
    well ttyl its time for me to go =]
    =] bye
  8. damn sis my bad its cuz my dial up was cut off so i order a modum and i got that last week but i had trouble configureing my modum to my pc i just finally got it working today beside that i had to work everyday and i was getting home everday at 5. i really hate my job but its a job and i really need to work so i put up with it. hey sis hows school and how have you been. well like i say sis hit me up any time ill be on again well laters sis take care and be safe laters
  9. sis i dont member telling you this but i plan on going to the military im just spending a little more time wiht my family and friends before i go well sis i hope by know that you got a good grade and that you past well sis i got to check my other messages so ill get back to you so hit me up anytime k laters
  10. hey ^^ where have you been hiding lol ^^ it seems like a long time since we've talked
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