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  1. hey ^^ where have you been hiding lol ^^
  2. haha thanks for helping me out ^^ i really appreciate it=] yea i know it was kinda boring but scholarship opportunities are amazing you should look into it some more if you want =] ^^
    but i wont get my grade for the essay til later but that is ok i guess lol
  3. well im good just tired but nothen new so how have you been? so did you finish your essay by the way. man sleep o and i did the too it reallyh was boring but i did it cuz you asked for help and im down for helping out people well sis im really tried and im gonna sleep well sis take care and have fun with school and everything o yea before i forget good luck with you contest i hopew you win laters
  4. Hey,

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    Make sure you finish the entire profile so I'll get credit for the referral. Thanks
  5. hey whats up? lol how have you been lately ?
  6. yo sis hey were did you go well i guess ill leave a message. hey watz up hows it going? well sis hit me up when yo get back k laters
  7. changing the world? sounds like a good idea
    and yes we could^^
    i mean everybody's got something in their past about who they were or what they've become. there is no right or wrong in it. so if you wanna tell im here to listen ^^
  8. well my back is not hurting any more it feels better thanks. even if i told you what i planned to do in the military you probably wouldnt believe me, but i plan on changeing this world. as for the second chance ill tell you if you answer this question ( if you and i would ever meet could we be best of friends even though you knew who i truely am and my past?)
  9. a second chance?.....hmm what do you mean?

    what do you plan to do int he military?

    my summer was ok lol i went back in forth from houston to seattle so it was pretty fun^^

    (hope your back feels better ^^)
  10. o ya i did get one cool thing to happen to me this summer and it was a sencond chance.
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