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  1. yo sis hows it be im good just hurting in my back but other then that nothen much just kickin back and getting ready to go to the military and you what have you been up to and how was your summer?
  2. hey whats up?^^ lol yea ive been really busy ; so how was your summer?
  3. hey how goes it its been a while how have you been? well hit me up when you get back well laters and take care peace
  4. oh your so lucky to out of school right now lol well ttyl
  5. well you are nto the only one it a new day and i ready want to go home.... o well at least im done with most of my classes
  6. its going pretty good im just tired and i really wanna go home lol
  7. i was thining the marine but i might go army cuz its a lot easy from what i have heard. so how is your day going?
  8. oh thats cool i was thinking about that to you wanna be in the army, navy national coast guard?...........
  9. na i hate school so when i get out im out and im not coming back but i do plan on going to the military.
  10. oh thats cool^^ what college are you going to ( if you your going)
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