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  1. warm and cold sometimes. all depends on the time of year. but nights are cool and nice at times, and winter is freezing cold with no snow on the ground.
  2. oh really?> whats it like out there at night?
  3. in vancouver. I don't like staying over night in vancouver. place scares me half to death.

    it does, sometimes. but my accent tend to pop out alot.
  4. staying over night?
    yah that would make it easier for you^^
  5. it is, but I am not fond of staying over night.
    the duel is from having an american father and a canadian mother. so I can be in both countries with no problem.
  6. how did you get dual citizenship :O ^^ well thats cool lol ive been to vancouver several times its a real nice city
  7. i'm from florida, moved to canada when I was 14. but I do love it here since I am duel citizen. its fun. there are alot of woods and snow sometimes. :P I love vancouver though.
  8. so your originally form canada? cool ^^ i always wanted to move up there, and yea houston is not that great well at least to me anyways just like any other city with its problems lol
  9. cool. two years ago I just came back to canada. I went down for a year to see family. but decided to come back to the country I liked.
    personally I never been to houston except over night in the airport.
  10. it'll be two years in august when i moved down here, i stay in the outskirts of houston in missouri city between sugarland and pearland
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