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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!^^

    hope you have a good one^^


    i gotta stop drinking

  3. hey can i take the third link as my before pic and this link as my after(now) pic when my character got bitten?
  4. just give me a little detail on how you would like to look.
  5. oh ill try to find a pic it was hard for me to find a pic because photobucket turned into mobile photobucket and i hate it it is so stupid.
  6. i created one but i still cant find a pic for it =[
  7. did you create a character for the inuyasha rp because i don't see it in the character creation section.
  8. oh yea thank you so much^^ i really appreciate it
  9. for some reason that website isn't working ill try my best to get the pictures.
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