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  1. by myself some say im just to creepy to hang out
    with could be my personailty or my love for fire not sure
    which >.> lol j/k seriously though im going by myself
    no one in my famly enjoys being scared there like EWWW
    LEAVE ME ALONE!!!! lol
  2. are you going with your friends or by yourself? lol
  3. thats cool there are a few haunted trails im going to
    and a few houses but the good ones are the haunted trails
    because theres so much room to run and a lot of places to hide
    and scare people.
  4. yea ima go to a haunted house with my cousin kelvin^^ its gonna be sooo awesome lol
  5. im gonna go to a few haunted houses that dont have thermastats
    near any walls im against lol last year i went to one and was feeling
    alon the wall like they said and grabed hold of a thermastate and crushed
    it frpm pushing against the wall , it was dark so they dont know
    who did it this year will be difrent i hope lol
  6. lol yea im trying to see if anybody at school is going anywhere for halloween lol its gonna be so SICK lol^^ what are your plans for halloween?
  7. no you dont forget the intresting stuff lol and being
    senior next year will be fun i know a lot of the seniors
    skipped clases and had jobs they got credit for not sure
    how that worked cause i didnt do that.

    i did how ever get to cut inline if there were juniors or sophmores
    in front of me >.> i want the only one that did it so yeah it was
    legal lol .
  8. yea you just dont forget about some stuff like that going through highschool lol

    oooh i cnat wait til next yr itll be my last yr SENIOR LOL ill get my class ring, yrbook, prom, homecoming and senior package and the letter man jacket ^^ i cant wait lol^^
  9. man thats almost the same score our tema got beat by
    lol oh well im not a big fan of foot ball but i do wish our
    school wouldnt have been beaten so bad , but the home
    comming queen crying will all be something to remember
    its silly to cry over that stuff. but maybe i wasnt as devoted
    as i could have been >.> lol
  10. yea you too take care^^ are homecoming queen didnt cry but she should have lol we lost the game by 12 to 37
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