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  1. Awesome!!! Things have been going ok!! I'm almost done with college two more semesters to go!!! What part of the USA are you coming back to?
  2. hope you are doing alright
  3. oh you have???? which state?
  4. Yeah i moved to the us and it was sooooooo busy... lol
  5. yeah tell me about it! chaotic is putting it lightly
  6. hey yeah its been awhile...Ive been busy the last few years and it was chaotic...
  7. hey how are you? =] havent sen u in a while lol ^^ soo whats been going on with you>?
  8. HEY HEY HEY =] how are you doing lol =] im so bored lol so what you been up to
  9. Happy Birthday...!!!

  10. the right moment? lol what do you mean?^^ when you have enough money to come? hey if i was rich i would send you a ticket lol but im not rich =(^^

    today's my birthday lol^^
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