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  1. its whatever to me i could care less about what you do . what you say. i only respond because its entertaining to me.
  2. hajhajha you do care, that's why you answer back, is eating you inside... the true that is......... you can run from the true fake person without a life.....
  3. hahahha you need to address my hacker smart one >.< i could care less what you think about
  4. how dare you to send me a visitor message..... am more real than you, it's been weeks since I been here... and you're the fake one... why because it made you mad, that i said internet people are fake..... so long fake person, and try to get a life.....hajhjahjahjahajha
  5. who are you? to say internet ppl are does that mean you are fake as well? i think so yes. dumbass (hacked by Jacoby@ 1:15pm)
  6. sorry I can talk to you now... I read some shit a wile back.... please don't answer this.. i don't need someone like you in the list........see ya.... as on now, you are block!
  7. yea i get your point sortof lol i try not to do that though, the whole being fake thing
  8. hajhajhajhaj.. I call internet people fake.... you and I know we aren't who we say we are... hello?
  9. oh yea sure no prob lol a fake word? lol what do you mean lol
  10. no yet.... I mean I can't be your friend, because I don't know you... I talk before I add... so lest talk some more, and see if we are compatible to be friends.... friends! I hate that fake word....
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