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  1. you should add me on facebook lmao, i hardly log on here anymore
  2. Just living I guess, trying to finish my degree... Left AO since there's nothing on here, I'm practically on daily over my facebook messing around with my friends
  3. A long while lolz and lots lolz hahaha

    How's you? ^^
  4. hey i hope you've been doing good Been awhile...anything new with you?
  5. Like when? :3

    muahahahahaaaaa~ I'm always online though... only not on
  6. hey hey come back online soon! hahah :")
  7. still around here girl? xD nice to see an old member here...
  8. hey i havent talked to u in awhile

  9. hey i havent talked to you in sooo long XD how have you been?
  10. oh yea!^^ i totally remember lol ^^ so how long has it been? =]
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