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  1. I know.. i have that special someone already ^^ *pokes* dont forget now
  2. eh dont even worry about it its better to find that special someone and give *it* to them than doing it just because lol you know what i mean?
  3. Exactly.. you cant find lots of guys who say they are a virgin T.T *sulks*
  4. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang lol when was your birthday??? lol cant believe i missed it lol and take proud of being a virgin lol you cant find a lot of guys who can say that proudly at ^^
  5. I feel so old now >.< *sulks* *sigh* *sings to 19sai opening of XXXHolic -Hate19 ) ~.~ im friggin 20 years old waaaahhh!!! and im still a virgin life is like a walking shadow.. a poor player that struts and frets upon the stage... it is a tale full with sound and fury..signifying... nothing.. ~.~ william shakey was righty... >.<
  6. heyyyyyyyyyy^^ where have you been?=] ( and when did you turn 20)?????!!!?? *gasps*
  7. HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY^^ hope you had a good weekend lol^^
  8. Happy valentines day!! ^^ How are you?? Hope you havin a swell time ^^
  9. Mhm ^^ indeed but im ok now ^^ with Laura chatting and feelin so happy
  10. yea i know how that is lol life just wants to throw anything at you just to know you down but you still get back up at the end of the day so its all good lol^^
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