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  1. Eh... many things went wrong .. you know how life is.. lol ^^
  2. why arent you doing so well? oh how was your thanksgiving?^^ i hope it was fun
  3. thank you! I hope so as well ^^ but so far.. i dont think im doin well >.<
  4. i hope you do very
    well for yours studies^^
    good luck =]
  5. Mhm ^^ indeed... i try to get on more,... now im doing my studies for the oncomin exam... wish me luck ^^
  6. oh well your back online lol tahts all that matters ^^
  7. Im good as well ^^ yea... Its been quite long not havin a pc at home sure sucks >.< *sighs*
  8. hey how have you been???^^
    its been so long since ive talked with you lol=]
  9. nooooo lol ^^ i am just very hyper for the moment^^
  10. @.@ huh? *is very confused* u ate the wrong med lil sis? hahahah
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