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  1. yeah sorry I just had a few loose ends to take care of...
  2. hey hey hey =] you havent been here in awhile ^^
  3. ok cool ima go and take a lookie see^^ thanks lol ooooooooo guess what?
  4. I updated a few albms of mine I'm still woking on it though........
  5. oooooooooh ok got ya lol well ill be looking forward to it
  6. I'll get to it sooner or later but I need to know what album needs to be updated....?
  7. wow^^ lol i really wanna see some pictures?? you should post some in your albums
  8. ...she cut my arm so I ripped the flesh off her arm problem is she looked fimiliar so as she started rying I kicked her and walked sucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. well what happened? what did she do and why you give her mercy?
  10. I almost gave my victim was so messed up she got away.....T_T
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