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  1. :0 havent talked to you in awhile!!!!! lol how's life?
  2. His name was Mike. He's not on here he goes to school with me. And Idk I guess they just stopped interesting him lol he's more interested in video games and just anime now lol

    And aww I sowwy, I'd teach you what I know if I could
  3. what was your friend's name/. and why did he stop? lol you know for awhile i wanted to learn how to make sigs too but the programs always made my computer slow lol ><
  4. Yeah that would be awesome if you did! ^^ hehe
    I just realized lately that my signatures rather....suck. lol
    I downloaded alot of brushes so that I could make them better looking, but, honestly I have no clue what I want any sig to look like..I suck at that. Before when I made sigs I just threw a lot of stuff together until I liked it, I never really actually tried. Now that I have I realize that I honestly don't know how to make one look presentable...
    I wish I had a teacher around here who could show me. But my only friend who used to make them stopped like a long long time ago. And he used photoshop also. I use GIMP and like, no one uses it. -pouts-
  5. i kinda checked the website a little bit it looks pretty nice i might join it i see that you already have
  6. ill check it out hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lol did you check it out yet?
  7. yeah..but theres another site that someone on here just introduced me too that seems active and they even have SOTW and some of the members from here are on there I think. Its
  8. =] i ask my self the same thing every time i log in >< its not just the summer ppl are moving on to different sites and their posts are so lame "/ i even stopped posting up my poems on here a while back this site had everyone even the rpgs were a-list lol. but i miss everyone i use to talk to when i first got here seems like everyone disappears
  9. Okay then :P At least I remember you I just didn't remember you're name haha
    I'm a little disappointed at how unactive this place has become. There's like, no one on but new members at all. And they don't even update there profiles. I don't even think any of them posted an introduction either I could be mistaken. And then there's no SOTW anymore which saddens me. It makes me wonder why I bothered coming back. There's nothing left hardly. You're like the only person left to remember on here lol
    You should feel special
  10. its alright call me halana or lana whichever you perfer
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