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  1. sorta like Ninja Gaiden but without alot of blood and bosses are esaier
  2. well thats really good =] ^^ what type of game was it?
  3. yay i was sucked into my game and was having truble with the finaly boss and I FINALY BEAT IT !!!!
  4. hey^^ nice to see you back online again =]
  5. well good night rose i'm signing off for so talk to u later okay
  6. in Ninja vs. Spartan the Spartan won the Pirite won in Pirite vs. Knight
  7. oooooooooooooooo ok lol so who won in both of those?
  8. well you're talking about two different eps. one was Ninja vs. Spartan the other Knight vs. Pirite
  9. oh ok cool i heard there was one about a pirate and a ninja lol do you know who won?
  10. well so far I'm to belive they're 7 so far I'll name them later but I'm shore there is 7 anyway
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