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  1. sure but i cant remember any of them tho lol i have a bad memory
  2. so do u want to know any fight before or afther the one u watched
  3. the only one i realy got a good look at was the one about the gangs i think it was the mafia and i dont know what the other one was lol i think they were from japan
  4. where did u stop at in the show I can tell u which ones won the fight in each one
  5. oh thats cool ^^
  6. no it was not predicable it was really surprising and it look like the Maori would have won it was like the frist ep.
  7. oh thats cool ^^ was it a good battle or was it like you could obviously tell who was gonna win within the first few minutes of the episode?
  8. with the fight between Shaolin monk vs. Maori the Shaolin monk won the fight
  9. i really wanted to see the last few episodes it looked so cool . who won this time?
  10. have u ever heard of a show called deadliest warrior. it just ended and my bet won
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