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  1. no its no problem lol so what else do you wanna talk about ?
  2. i'm sorry for making u thristy for lemonade i'm just expalaning why i have alot of lemonade
  3. lol =] im really thirsty for lemondade right now
  4. the only reason i have lemonade is because my mom buys 50 packits so we do have to worry about running out of something to drink.
  5. hmm i never thought of doing that lol
    im going to try that ^^
    but i have no lemondade
  6. i can understand that. that's why i drink alot of lemnade but the down side is that u have to use the bathroom alot
  7. well im visiting my family in mississippi
    just hangin out i leave monday morning =]
    its been alright im justkinda tired alittle bit
  8. yay sit back,relax,and enjoy my shows tonight what about u what r u doing this weekend
  9. hey^^ its been awhile
    so how are you doing? you h av eany plans for the weekend?
  10. hay haven't talked to you so i was thinking to say hi so hi and it nice to meet you rose
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