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  1. ive been pretty good and yes i do have a face book and ill add you ^^
  2. great! thanks for asking. how have you been chica? also, do you have facebook? my user name is HeyKristei Raven Sky. add me is you have it.
  3. hey!! how have you been lol haven't talked in awhile
  4. oh ok cool i believe in all that stuff but i dont worship mother earth.
  5. It's a religion where a Wiccans worship the Goddess (mother nature) so the earth. They also use witchcraft, so magick. And it's my fav subject because I am a Wiccan.
  6. what is Wicca? and why is it your fav subject ?
  7. gah, I get to do an essay (4-6 pages) over my favourite subject. Wicca! Ah I am so exicited!
  8. i kno right lol i have only 3 1/2 weeks before graduation
  9. I've been okay. I am just really bored right now. ugh school is so agy. lol
  10. HEYYYY =] i havent talked to you in a while lol ho whave you been?
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