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  1. XD welcome bak ^.^ long time no see where have you bin? whats new?
  2. Nya, Hiiiii! I'm on again! Wheeee! *dances pocky dance* Wewt.
  3. ya... lol ^^ almost 1/2 over... but 1/2 to go... for me that is XD
  4. It's going good, nya. Schools ok too, nya. Same stuff different day.
  5. =P yep....... ^^ how it going? school gut for you?
  6. Lol, yeah, that's true. At least they're decent enough not to block the games. Nya.
  7. ^^ it's fun in our school because we have that type of thing also... but you can almost always find a place to play some great games ^^
  8. Yeah, there is this stupid website blocker that blocks all 'social networking' sites, like this one, so, I have a feeling I'll be blocked from AO some time soon. Nya, it's a bummer and it makes me mad. Nya.
  9. lol, thats gut ^^ is it alot more strict in your school on computers?
  10. I'm good. Yeah, nothing new lately, we might actually be in the computer lab for a while nya, yay.
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