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  1. It has been a while indeed. I am very well with things, struggling financially here and struggling other ways there, but I'm alive and grateful for what I've been given every day that passes. Haha, what about you? How have you been?
  2. hey how are you? how have you been? ive missed talking with you
  3. Well, on Saturday I have to get up bright and early around 4 a.m. and get ready for work. I don't normally have to work until the afternoon but my shift is different that day. Then after work I'm going to do college work and probably going to relax by playing Second Life; which is an awesome site by the way.... :3 What about you?
  4. that is good to hear, and i agree with you on that one working on the weekends sux but you have to do it to help with the bills or for what ever a person needs. you are thinking smart and ahead. so what will you be doing this weekend?
  5. I am 19 and as for what I will be doing this week, well, simply doing my college work. I work a job on the weekends and that is quite annoying merely because I love to relax on the weekends but I don't get the opportunity to.
  6. Those are beautiful Pictures, very vivid and defined. i would like to see more, i will have to remember my deviant art acount now it is such a hastle i tell you what lol. so what will you be doing this week? i am glad to find one that is such a good learner. I dont mean to sound rude but may i ask a lady her age?
  7. That is a great trait my friend. it is good to know you are like that. so if i start going into the bonding and the sencrinization you would learn what i tell you so what are you doing today? may i ask what kind of photos you like to take?
  8. lol I am glad that I am intelligent in the first place and yes, I have heard of bio metals and I do understand all what your saying but once it gets down to the nitty gritty like say, the mathematical stuff and breaking down and putting together the metals and what not; it become far out of my hands. XDI try to understand though and it works most of the time.
  9. lol but but but... it's not my birthday. XD lol I have to wait almost another year. XD
  10. happy belated bday my friend
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