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  1. Nm really. I've haven't drawing alot lately, I'm running out of ideas. Nya.
  2. ooo XD good to hear that .. so what are you up to ^^ ... =^_^=
  3. Nya, don't worry about it. Nyeep. This site has been blocked on my school comp. But now it's not. Nya, 'tis confusing.
  4. XD i am doing good too ^_^ , XD sorry for the late answering ._. , XD there was a lot of problems on my PC so i didn't find that time to sit ^_^... =^_^=
  5. Good nya, what about you? I might actually be able to be on here for a while nya. Yay! *dances*
  6. it is really good show and i haven't see it for a while too lol , so how have you been ^_^ ... =^_^=
  7. Cool, that's a good show. I have not seen it in a while though. Nya
  8. XD me too i don't like Astro Boy lol , i watched anime when i was 13 and m first anime was hunter X hunter ... =^_^=
  9. I've been watching anime since I was seven years old. Nya, the first I've ever watched is Sailor Moon, second Astro Boy, then FMA. I don't like Astro Boy.
  10. XD you are right ^-^ , yay , ooo right since when did you start watching anime ?? .. =^_^=
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