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  1. hey wen u go there to the group chat thing ull notice there many of the same posts AO was messing up on me n not loading my first on n i kep clicking n idk how to get rid of the others so ya, just ignore the other posts n stick witht he first one
  2. Hey Halo, can you start adding more to your responses? It's getting hard to reply when there is little to go off from you. :3 Use more descriptions or detail when you add a response. ^w^
  3. smiles* okay ill wait, n i cant wait to see it at last *winks
  4. *facepalms again* Fook. Now I gotta find what you sent me. It's probably with my box-o-drawings beside my bed but I don't know... =3= I'll have to find it...
  5. laughs* its alright 115 south school place gassvile arkansas 72635, n i wanted u to draw the anime version of my chara i drew n sent u, n btw i still have the drawing u did up on my wall
  6. *facepalms* Oh my gosh! I totally forgot! Can you send me your address again and the description of what you wanted?? I am so sorry!
  7. hey blair long time no see eh? hows that one pic i sent u comming?
  8. Hey Halo, will you re-post your comment to the rp? It is not appearing.
  9. long time no see blair, i've been wondering if u stopped comming at all, so glad ur back
  10. Lol I'm glad to be missed. How have you been? I haven't been able to get onto the computer much so I cannot guarantee that I'll be on often. So, Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
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