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  1. hey r u ever going to be back on? i miss u, in a friend kind of way
  2. No, I was not grounded, just lost computer access. My 2010 is good. I How is yours?
  3. hey it's been awhile since we..... well you know. hope your having a nice 2010.
    and i guess that your grounded seeing that the last time you were on was jan 5 and this is feb 4 so it would likely be a month now since the last ime you were on. so...... take care and hope to see you on soon.
  4. Lol, yeah, well, when I get on, it's very sporadic within the days I can get on.
  5. well last week you were on like almost every day, when i get on to check the social groups on the clan.....well you get the message right?
  6. Sorry, I can only get on once a day except for saturdays, sundays, and mondays. Also, I can only get on at school or on rare occasions when I go to the library.
  7. hey when are you going to be on i've been waiting all day
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