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  1. Note: Ok, if I'm gone for the next few months, don't freak because it's my summer vacation. Meep! I'll be back! ^-^
  2. -drops down in other beanbag grabs cookie away and jumps into the game with.- nya-nya! my cookie now! time to beat down some aliens!
  3. wierd is good. real good. (pulls creepy black cowl up over my head) so good of u 2 join the wierd side. the cookies are on the table, games in the back.
  4. blargh! frasserrasserhasser...(just something to lengthen the message) y do u say meep? peem.
  5. (yea, i know, i hate it 2) it lets me put some better hints 2 background for the char. and expand the reader's attachment 2 the char.
  6. interesting... that puts a whole new spin on her background and also her relationships with the other char.
  7. yea, o btw, r u trying to turn our 2 char. into love interests? i have no objections, im just wondering.
  8. hehe, i know what u mean. im still not finished with the first chapter yet. im trying to figure a way to get all 4 good char. in the same area in a plausible way. needless to say, i got a slow going.
  9. ideas r good. all i have is since they're probably going to be a trilogy, BloodLust, BloodRage and BloodWar. but those r just guess, not set in stone at all. i dont even know how im going to work the story to explain those titles!
  10. so any ideas on the name? ive tried writing other stories but i usaully get stuck on some part in the middle. im good with beginnings and endings but middles hit hard. that wont happen on this one since its being written by 4 peeps.
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About Blair13

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About Blair13
I am a student of the Art Institute striving for an Associate's Degree in Photography hoping one day to have my own studio with a Fine Art Photography specialization.
I love to draw anime/manga, I love taking photographs, I love to write, and even to blog about the heart, the soul, and the beauty within us all!
Being full of creativity, sharing it with others is what I love to do as well while even at times telling my story...
Knowing full well the hardships that most do not, I often find it hard to go through each day without seeing the negative things in life, but this negativity is something I use to make the positive.
My name is Tifa and I am a cancer survivor.
Carpenter, Wyoming
Anime, Manga, photography of all types, art of all types, drawing what my heard desires, writing.
Helping the fallen rise by passing on the knowledge that I have of the world at its cruelest.
Favorite Anime
At the moment, my main two and favorite animes are Darker Than Black and Cowboy Bebop.


Self-sacrifice brings me the greatest of joys. ~ Tifa


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