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  1. Aw, dang. Well, what holidays do you do nya? We have alot of them.
  2. I live in the netherlands...
    So and we dont do Halloween...
    To bad...
  3. Why do you not have Halloween? Nya, oh, where doyou live?
  4. okay..
    Cool Halloween..
    I want to have Halloween too..
    BUt we dont have one...
    It's too bad...
  5. Eh, nothing much, it's basically different day same stuff. Nothing really of interest apart from Halloween.
  6. It's okay over here...
    So what's you doing today..??
  7. Hi! I'm good nya. Everything's good over here, what about over there? Nya.
  8. Hi..^_^..Blair-chan..
    How are yah..??
    Not seen you in a while..
    So how's everything over there..??
    I'm okay..
  9. Nya, I'm good today, so far it's been akward, but awesome, and long. Nya I get exhausted too easily, far too much on my mind. Nya. =3
  10. That's cool you like to draw blair-chan...
    Hihi I know what you mean...
    So how are you???
    I'm okay...
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