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  1. im sry to here that u can talk about it if u want but my life has it up but mostly downs and thats about it
  2. life? dont even start me with has life been to u?
  3. thats awsome i love naruto tatoos and piercings so how life been treatin you
  4. nm, im doing better i got a new tattooing job in dallas, my favorite anime is naruto........
  5. hey wats up and how r u so wat animes do u like and witch ons your fav
  6. ok wail if u have any questions ask me...................ok so......................"meow"
  7. yo wats up im jon. im just chillin on my pc smokin but ya im all new to this site
  8. hay wat up im katie pm me if u want or if u just want to have fun hehehe
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