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  1. *smiles then hugs u* thank u..................................
  2. oh wow. that was really mean. gosh... people are stupid. I dont think that of you. but somtimes a change can be nice. but if you dont want to change, dont! people think things all the time that are not true. if your pretty, people are going to say your ugly. you know? just a plot to bring you down. all that matter is what you think of yourself.
  3. someone brought it to my attention that im a real i need to stop being so easy........
  4. what do you mean change yourself? (free space, free space, free space)
  5. ya im trying to change myself but its kind of hard
  6. I know. it's so far away. and I always miss him terribly. so, I'm uber happy when he comes home.
  7. thats far...............oh wail have fun..........i want to go to Europe..........
  8. lol actually. mainly dancing. that's about it. oh, my friend who moved to Europe is comming home for 2 weeks. he should be here in like 2 hours. so, I'm waiting for him.
  9. oh hay wat up? how have u been? wat u been up too lately?
  10. hello bliss. just sending all my friends a message just to stay in contact with everyone. ^ ^ so how are you doing?
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