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  1. Ah, well, I momentarily forgot it. :P I'll be sure to remember it, I swear!

    Hm, that sucks. I don't know of any either. I guess you have to sign yourself up for the this year's World Cyber Games. Although I don't know if they play Brawl there. To be honest, I don't think so ...
  2. Seriously, you know of any competition in Brawl? Like, some online tournaments. You totally have to do one of those. I bet you'd win.
    Hehe, maybe your Wii wants to tell you that you should play some other games after one year continous playing Brawl. :P
    Lucario ... Exactly. That's the Pok&#233;mon who's name I forgot. There are way too many to remember all names. <:
  3. Hehe, you did? No surprise, I guess. :P And I bet you played either charizard or that other Pok&#233;mon which name I've forgotten. xD
    Which reminds me I should play F-Zero GX again. Still not through that immensely hard game ... >_<
    Well, as long as it is still working it's no problem. Let's just hope, the Brawl abstinence will never come true. Work, Wii, WORK!
  4. That's right I guess. It's good to have lotsa options.
    If it really doesn't work, just send it in. There should still be some kind of warranty on that thing.
  5. Uh, that sucks! You have your's since the release?
    If the problems really reappears that often, you'll have to send your Wii for reparation to big N ... That could take a while though. But I think it's free, as long as you did nothing like emulating or stuff. If you did, I wouldn't recomment sending it in.
    Mine makes very strange loud sounds sometimes. I didn't happen very often for the time being, but if it reoccurs, maybe I have to do something about it also ...
  6. thanx. ill need it. 100k to go just for the sword.
  7. hey ok. time to earn some money .
  8. Hehe, you're welcome too, ya know!?
    I don't aspire being psychologist either, sometimes you just have to be one though. And that's okay.
    Ah, well that sucks! And I can relate to that. Really cost a lot of money. At least your's is working for now. You know, we just transferred to a new provider. And the internet is regularly loosing connection. That gets pretty annoying sometimes. >_< We're already thinking of changing provider.
    But it's half that bad for you, you have some backup ideas to get to money!
    What's your concern with da Wii?
  9. If you've any problems, I'll play psychologist for you too.
    Just apply for appointments, my schedule is pretty full. But I'm free today. :P
    Not much to know about being psychologist, actually. They don't know much either. Just smile and nod and let the person talk about their problems. That's enough normally. xD
    You for example did a great job just now.
  10. Now look what we have here, a hobby psychologists!
    It's nothing special, but thanks for bothering!
    You know, just the normal daily depression. I should be doing much more different stuff like practice guitar, go out to play soccer or just learn stuff for school and doing my presentations, reading a book or learning my maya stuff instead of spending my time surfing in the net and listening to music. That won't bring me far in life I guess ... Some dedication is needed!
    Thanks for asking again.
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