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  1. Nono, I was referring to the real card out there.
    I don't play either, or never have. At least not really. I was playing once or twice, but if you just try to collect them, you don't care how strong your cards are, that way I lost all the time ...
    I sure have over 200 ... Mostly from the first series. I have ALL cards from the card edition with the first 150 Pok&#233;mon in it. Well, except for Charizard, I had him, but I traded him. <- worst decision ever, really. Must have been the happiest day in my whole life when he blinked out of the wraping. But I was stupid enough to trade him. So I had to be satisfied with a Charizard from another card edition.
    Hua, but that was some time ago, I am able to live with it now.
  2. Nah, that's awright! (: Pok&#233;mon really is kewl. Man, you ever collected the Pok&#233;mon trading card games? I collected them like MAD. I really loved it. *remembers awesome times*
    I saw a friend once playing PMD, but it was too short to really be able to find out what kind of game it is. I might check it out if I've the time and the money for that matter.
    So I maybe will give it another look at my friend's place, thanks for the suggestion anyway!
  3. Yeah, that's right of course. But still, you seem to know what's good and what isn't ...
    Ah, you're not the horror gamer? Well, I like some of them. If the game has a good atmosphere, it can be a real interesting experience.
    But I wouldn't say that THOTD: Overkill is a real horror game. It's more like you shoot a everything that comes in front of your gun. And that is a lot, let me tell you that! As I said, very funny if you play it with someone else.
    Games which are really horror games for me are RE 1 and Fatal Frame for instance. I wouldn't call the newer Resident Evils real horror games. Doesn't mean that they aren't as good as the older one, they are just a completely different experience for me.
    Pffff ... Which games I have. A lot? Not sure if you can find any. xD If I count all of them, I'd exceed the limit of 5000 character which are allowed in the posts ... :P
    I was rather referring to some DS games. You know, on the RPG sector. The only real RPG I have there is a remake of the third Final Fantasy I think.
    Or generally some games on DS. Last thing I bought was Hotel Dusk: Room 215. One of my favourites.
  4. Ah, okay. FF Tactics. Dunno about that game. Guess if you play it, it must be good.
    Nah, no particular reason why I said that, it's just that I'd like a new game to play. But I guess I'm going to buy The House Of The Dead: Overkill. Seems to be a really funny game in coop. (:
  5. Any cool Nintendo game you want to tell me about which you're playing at the moment by the way? Could need some ...
  6. Nah, it won't be a SSB I guess. He also is the creator of Kirby if I'm right, so this is a possible option too.
    Mhm, must be about 9 nine years. Too lazy to find out. (:
  7. Okay, I'll be glad to, being the Super Smash Bros. fanatic that I am.
  8. hey i posted your super smash bros thread and i want you to join my super smash bros group
  9. It is said that Masahiro Sakurai has started to work on a new project. Wonder what it will be ...
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