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  1. Hey blue. Whats up? (stupid 50 letter minimum >.<)
  2. And that's the real kewl~ thing about it: yes. After they've confirmed that part IX will be released on DS, it was officially announced that part X will air on Wii! Though they said it'll be out end 2010 in Japan. I guess you know what that means for us, who aren't so lucky to be in Japan ...
    So for the moment, I've to be satisfied with IX on DS, which probably comes sooner than X. (:
  3. Hehe ... Sorry, your friends and parents might get angry with me ...
    And to be perfectly honest, I myself don't know much about the series myself (DQ). I just want to try it really bad. I played it for a very short time on PS2, I think that was DQ VIII, though I might be wrong about that one. It was real fun actually. The gameplay, the whole style ...
    The only real DQ I've played so far are spin-offs from the original series. One is a game which's name I can't recall, you played a little slime ball and had to save your town.
    The other one is DQ: Monster Jokers. A game pretty similar to Pok&#233;mon, just that it plays in the DQ universe.
    But I liked both of them, and I can't wait to get my hands on a real part of this series! (: If IX comes to DS, you shoulda give it a try really, especially when your a RPG fan.
  4. Never heard of Loco Roco? Really? Hm, I guess you should give it a try ... (: If you want some infos on it, here you go: Loco Roco @ IGN There's a second part too on PSP.
    I heard that FF VII was one of the best parts of the series, but to be honest, I'm not soo addicted to this series. I'd prefer Dragon Quest ... Man, I can't wait for part IX and X to come!! ((:
    hehe, about Non-Nintendo comments ... It's okay, really! (: It's good to broaden one's horizon anyway. Not like I'm only playing Nintendo games ...
  5. Hehe, you definitely got the better present there. *jk* :P
    I'm definitely going to get Platinum. This Pok&#233;mon series really is a mysterie. I mean, it always is pretty much the same thing, yet it never ceases to amaze me. I still love it extremely, almost as much as when I played it for my first time.
    It really deserves that place. I guess GTA is on that list too ... :>
    That's good. Wii/Ds are probably my favourite systems too. Got some games on PC too. To be honest, it's kinda the alternative to a Xbox 360 ... Dunno much 'bout PSP though ... Not that interested in it. I heard that Loco Roco (is it called like that?) should be a good game too.
  6. Yeah, that kind of stuff. I like Pok&#233;mon, Digimon, Smash Bros., Legend of Zelda, Mario games (don't really bother with the sports games), Final Fantasy, Soul Calibur, and plenty of others, which I'll gladly list as I think of them.
  7. what kind of games do you like? rpg s,fighting,puzzles?
  8. I'm making friends all over the place already. ^.^ Such a friendly community, can't say enough how glad I am I joined, even once I have 100+ posts and can enter the RPG anytime, I'll still be sure to continue to post throughout the forums.
  9. Ah, well I just jotted down some big names which came to my mind randomly ... (: Pok&#233;mon's cool too, of course! There are a lot of other games which I haven't mentioned ... So that 'Nothing' was more a joke than a serious conclusion.
    I played diamond a lot, not at the moment, I was EV training like mad. Had to stop it for a moment ... My first pok&#233;mon was the old green version. It was awesome, I really loved it. Finished it in no time ... Good old Venusaur ... (: *getsnostalgic*
    Pok&#233;mon Stadium on N64 was fun too!
    Whew, so you got a lot of consoles ... That's nice!
    That's quite a collection you have there. (:
    I got a Xbox with some games, but that's it as far as non Nintendo consoles are concerned.
    It's either Wii/Ds, or PC/laptop. PC laptop mainly for some strategy games ...
  10. 'Course I am! (: What the friggin' hell is better than Zelda, Mario, F-Zero, Metroid, SSB and Mario Kart? Nuthin'.
    Ever since the N64 actually, you know I'm too young for the earlier stuff.
    But that's no problem, with Wii Virtual Console, I can catch up on all the 'old' stuff as well.
    At the moment, I'm happy with Wii and my DS.
    I know you have a Wii since your crazy about Brawl, but you got any other (nintendo, non-nintendo )consoles too?
    Btw, if you click on the 'View Conversation' button, and if you post your message there, you write the visitor message to me. That's more comfortable. That way, you don't have to write into your own space and I know immediately that you answered me. You should consider that, seriously!
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