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  1. really Blue Wolf, you give me gil? i don't know what to say but thanx mate
  2. so i guess i would have to earn get the cloud set then... i am preparing myself for the contest, i want to have the full set and the master sword by sat.
  3. i don't know... i have about 100k, i don't know if im saving my money for the cloud set or wait till the 80+ store is open.
  4. my stats are:
    STR: 65 DEF: 65 MAG: 165 MAG DEF: 65 SPD: 55 DEX: 145 EVA: 155

    my magics:
    Ice Ball lv.4 Cura lv.1 Defend lv. 2 Napalm lv.5 Healing Lv.1 Firewall lv.1 Supernova lv.2 Fireball lv.2

    my pet Cloud Hound, Fenir, stats:
    STR:160 DEF:162 MAG:164 MAG DEF:162 SPD:160 EVA:160 DEX: 156

    Fenir's magics:
    Napalm lv.8 Healing Light lv.1 Firewall lv.2 Fireball lv.2

    i am currently earning some cash for armour.
  5. I finally became lv. 80 but i didn't beat the death tower yet, didn't even attempt yet.
  6. Hehe thanks! It was a great little insight of the life of an movie animator. He told quite a bit about his projects and stuff, like Narnia, the third Harry Potter and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Well, I don't want to annoy you with things you are not interested in, so I'll stop here. :P
    But it was for free, so it was great!
  7. It isn't overall that difficult if you level sufficiently in areas, I can't claim to have done and mainly focused on learning attack skills. Magic is quite essencial to getting stronger skills too. Story is quite epic too.
  8. Well spelling really isnt an important factor in my rp and im pretty sure noone will aknowledge it.. But since ur into rpgs u should check mines out i would greatly appreicate ur opinion on it. And i see ur on the waiting list for the tourny i cant wait..
  9. lol nice to meet u Blue Wolf.. And yeah i didnt like it either thats why i came over here i like it better as well.. Do u rp? If so i have this rp up and im looking for more members check it out on ur spare time its called Quest To The Wastelands..
  10. Well i use to go to narutorpg.dbzworld.com but i dont any more i also used Wasted for that one as well and thanks for ur reply.. Well since we dont each other i would like to introduce my self my name is Wasted...
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