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  1. Haha, probably. But Halloween is a great excuse for eating sweets.
    And I guess it's okay to eat sweet once a year. xD
  2. Yeah, but just as well to not eat too much's making me fat. >.>
  3. Sweets are awesome, yeah. (:
    Although I don't think I even ate any during Halloween. Would have been a nice excuse probably. <:
  4. Did I do anything interesting on Halloween? Not really, I don't really celebrate it either, I just like to get a bit of chocolate, that's what I like about it. XP
  5. Oh, seems I was mixing it with some other games. I don't know much about all those FF games to be honest. There aren't many on Nintendo's consoles. xD

    Hehe, thanks, belated Happy Halloween to you too. You did anything interesting? I didn't. Halloween isn't a thing we celebrate. Last year I completely forgot about it. :>
  6. Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a one on one fighting game actually, but it is neat, the stages are large, open environments (mostly), and it has a Hero and a Villain from Final Fantasy I-X, and a character from XI and XII as well, though they require a little bit more work to unlock.

    And I never really thought of it, but yeah, that is italian food. XD Good observation. :P Happy Halloween btw. Eating a chocolate bar in my left hand, while typing with my right hand... Lol
  7. Spaghetti and Pizza? You seem to be into the Italian cuisine! (: Pizza is awesome, probably the best thing ever actually. :x

    I guess that's a RPG? I don't really have much idea about PSP games, I don't own one.
    And although the PSP Go looks nice, I have no intention on buying it. I like games I can hold in my hands.
    Graphics are awesome. I so wish the Wii would have better ones. )=
  8. Had Spaghetti for lunch and Pizza for supper, both were delicious, and the whole day was at home, like almost every day of my life. XD

    Got Dissidia: Final Fantasy for PSP and it is the best game for that system I have played so far by far, and that's with having played Crisis Core and enjoying it a great deal (got through it 3 or 4 times. Lol). ^_^

    Still blown away by how good the graphics are on the PSP, it is a handheld... O_o
  9. Glad your birthday was fun.
    Food's always the best. I'm so going to go to a Sushi restaurant on my birthday.
  10. Yeah, you're right... XP Thanks a lot. ^_^ It was a great day, got lots of nice presents and ate tasty treats.
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